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CAS Training goals

Training goals

Transnationalisation has gained a foothold in the health sector. More and more organisations in the health sector are striving for a transnational orientation. Processes and corporate structures have to be aligned with the specific markets within individual countries or within the European Union. In this context, the emerging developments also require specially trained managers with transnational expertise in the health care sector.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • understand how healthcare organizations operate in different national environments.
  • be able to develop health management strategies suitable for the internationalization process.
  • be able to assess the opportunities and risks of options for action in the transnational environment.
  • learn in cooperation with participants from the other participating countries about other healthcare system and the market conditions for internationally oriented and active organizations
  • be able to take into account different national contexts and the influence of cultural differences when developing proposed management solutions.
  • be capable of developing strategies to win new markets for their organizations and to better position their own organizations in international business processes



MBA Healthcare Management


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