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MBA Health Care Management

MBA International Health Care Management

The healthcare market is regarded as one of the future growth markets par excellence, the expansion of which is being driven largely by demographic trends and advances in medical technology. These factors, as well as the existing control deficits in the statutory health insurance system, are leading to a growing need for financing, which the legislator has so far attempted to contain through ever stronger interventions, largely in vain.

Due to the unsuccessfulness of state intervention and increasing globalisation and internationalisation, competitive processes will play a dominant role in a future healthcare system. This will not only lead to an expansion of the range of services, but also to a change in organisational forms. Closer integration of the service areas will further change the requirements in both the inpatient and outpatient sectors. In future, new types of contract elements will promote integration between the service areas. Therapeutic decisions will thus also have an economic dimension. An important element will be the orientation towards the course of treatment of an illness, so that holistic, individualised treatment management will be required. In order to continue to be successful against the backdrop of these emerging changes in the healthcare system, managers must not only have the necessary awareness and knowledge of healthcare processes, they also need sound management skills in order to utilise the opportunities that arise and limit the associated risks.

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